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volkswagen geuine parts design

volkswagen geuine parts are designed specifically for our model range and help to provide optimal vehicle performance and fuel economy. Initially Genuine Parts may come at a small premium but their high quality and durability ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and they can contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s used market value.
For your peace of mind Genuine Parts are covered by a two-year warranty (excluding wear and tear) and claims can be made at home or abroad, with no upper claims limit. (Genuine Batteries have a three-year warranty.)
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Below you can find a short overview of some of our volkswagen geuine parts.
Genuine Air Filters
With a Genuine Air Filter you can feel confident that the air going into your engine is clean and the fuel and air mixture is always correct. Our higher quality pleated filter paper features optimal pore size to ensure even the tiniest particles of sand, dust, dirt, soot, pollen and moisture are captured, preventing damage and wear to your engine components.
Genuine Air Filters are manufactured using low flammable materials and meet the strict quality standards of the Volkswagen Group, DIN and ISO.
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Genuine Cabin Filters
The purpose of a cabin filter is to stop contaminants getting into your Volkswagen’s interior via its heating and ventilation system. There are two different types of Genuine Cabin Filters which will provide protection for your Volkswagen’s entire service interval. A ‘dust and pollen filter’ prevents dust, dirt, soot and pollen entering your vehicle’s interior. A ‘pollution filter’ does all of this, as well as having the added benefit of protecting against pollution gases, exhaust fumes and bad odours.
Genuine Cabin Filters create low air flow resistance to minimise the load on your Volkswagen’s blower motor thus reducing the impact on fuel consumption.
An increased supply of fresh air can help you concentrate better on driving, ease allergy symptoms and help prevent fatigue, teary eyes, headaches, nausea and sneezing.
Genuine Oil Filters
A Genuine Oil Filter ensures clean, circulating oil enters your engine by effectively removing soot, oil carbons, dust and metal particles from the engine oil. Exceptionally durable and made from a fine grade, high quality material it gives your engine optimum protection from contaminants, minimising engine wear for the entire interval between services, prolonging your engine’s life and protecting your Volkswagen’s resale value.
A highly efficient and reliable seal, specific to your volkswagen geuine parts, protects against fuel getting into the oil circulation, particularly on short journeys. The exact fit to your Volkswagen’s engine prevents oil leaks and ensures no unfiltered oil gets into your engine, which could cause damage to components. http://www.wekipart.com/
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